Call of Duty Destruction [0.3.7]

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Call of Duty Destruction [0.3.7]

Post by Denim on Mon May 25, 2015 4:33 pm

Server IP:

COD Destruction [0.3.7] is a SA-MP server owned by Dark-light. Denim(me)is the co-owner of this server. If you need any help in-game, you must not hesitate to ask for it. You would love the server, if you play nicely and following these simple rules:

Call of Duty Destruction [0.3.7] Rules:

1. Flaming/insulting other players is strictly forbidden and would not be tolerated.
2. Using offensive language is not allowed. A person found guilty of this would be banned permanently.
3. Abusing server commands is not allowed.
4. Bug abusing is not allowed. Report the bug in the Reports forum.
5. Asking for admin levels is not allowed, or you can get permanently banned.
6. You are requested to follow whatever an admin says, or you can get a temporary ban. However, if you think that an admin has forced you to do something bad, you can report it in the Reports forum.
7. Advertising other servers is strictly not allowed.

By following these rules, you'll have fun playing in the server and nobody will annoy you. Enjoy!

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